God in Schools: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Today the Orange County (FL) School Board decided to prohibit the passive distribution of Bibles from third party organizations in all schools in the county. They claim they are not prohibiting the free exercise of religion. I am not sure what they mean by “free”. Free exercise

The Proper Role of Government

Frequently we are asked (many times incorrectly told), what the tea party believes. We articulate the need for a limited, fair, responsible government and the need for an informed and engaged electorate. That explanation does not seem to satisfy some. You may have heard that the tea party movement desires a government that conforms to constitutional principles. Those principles, if properly adhered, identify the framework for federal government, not necessarily

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5000 Year Leap, Making of America

Online event registration for 5000 Year Leap – Making America powered by Eventbrite Have you ever read a book which literally changed the course of your thinking and your life? That is the nature of this course which uses The 5000 Year Leap as the text. It is taught by professional educators at the East Side Tea Party Activity Center.  It is a study of the United States Constitution from a

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2014, A Step in the Right Direction

2014 was indeed a challenging year. Our volunteer staff is worn thin from the fight, but we press on. We press on because despite the efforts and deep pockets of a growing opposition, we are still seeing the political needle move to the right. Our efforts to oppose the nationalized Common Core education take-over has been challenging but look at what we accomplished! You may have heard that Jeb Bush

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East Side Tea Party, A New Day

Our prior design worked for us for years and there was not a need to change until now. If we are to continue in 2015 to move America to the Right, we needed to update our image.  Donations are now easier. The site is interactive and it connects to and is updated by our social networking services (Twitter, Facebook & Meetup) better than before. This is the first sign of a new day of the Tea Party movement in Orlando Florida. Join us & contribute to our cause. Citizenship is not a spectator sport!