District 50 and RPOF Intervention

I have been an active Reagan Conservative. I worked on the Reagan campaign and I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Reagan, I worked with his Press Secretary, and my wife and I danced at the Reagan’s Inaugural Ball. I have been active in Republican Organizations since that time and I strongly believe in Conservative Republican Principles. Recently, the Republican Party of Florida sent an expensive mailer to the Republican

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Presidential Research Project

Who else is running for president? The options are so broad that it is hard to remember why we may or may not identify with a candidate. So here is the plan, as you read about positive and negative information on candidates for president, share them with us! Provide the links of your research and we will create data driven voter guide information based on ALL of it! Create shortcuts

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Advisory Council Meeting Calendar Change

The May 25th Advisory Council meeting has been moved to 7PM, June 1st, due to the Memorial Day Holiday. Council members should still communicate via email prior to the meeting to make plans. If you have not joined our council but have suggestions for a future meeting, please attend our advisory council meeting or click HERE to contact us. Normally, our Advisory Council meetings are held at 7PM on the 4th Monday of

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The Tea Party Awakens

March 9th, The East Side Tea Party welcomes Matthew Staver Time/Date/Location: Monday, March 9th at 7pm, 570 N Alafaya Trail, #104, Orlando, FL 32828 Cost: Free/Donations appreciated Matthew Staver, a former pastor and one of the nation’s preeminent constitutional attorneys, will discuss the importance of faith in our nation and the real impacts on our nation and community when we ignore it. Local related news and events will also be

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God in Schools: Out of Sight, Out of Mind – Part II

I never intended to write a part 2 to the God in Schools post, however a comment on the original post required a lengthy response. As I was writing it, I realized that more people might benefit from these words than the one person to whom I was writing. So here it is, edited slightly.

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