The Second Amendment – History in Reverse

How does the past shape the importance of the right to bear arms today?


Will My Vote Count?

A short time ago, some of us met at our Tea Party office to discuss an issue that is stealthily growing, but was outside our influence at the time. This is the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC). We chose to take a stand against this stealthy, but persistent threat to our nation. For ten years our motto has been “Citizenship is not a Spectator Sport.” So we agreed to

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2019 Tax Day Tea Party

History shows that socialism has failed everywhere it has been implemented, because it rejects a fundamental ingredient of what makes capitalism successful – ownership. The more aggressively socialism is pursued, the bigger the failure that results. History also shows that capitalism is the economic system that has brought more people out of poverty than any other system. Finally, history shows that you cannot have political freedom without economic freedom. The

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2019 State of The Union Address Watch Party Rescheduled

After being rescheduled by the Speaker and the President, President Donald Trump will deliver the State of the Union address February 5th at 9:00 p.m. To reunite, stay informed, stay engaged, and enjoy each other’s company, the East Side Tea Party has likewise rescheduled our State of the Union watch party at our activity center. Our doors will still open at 8:30 p.m. The address is expected to last until

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2018 Florida Constitutional Amendments

From high-speed rail to pregnant pigs, Florida’s constitution is full of special interest carve outs which do not serve the proper role of government as a protector of liberty for all. To aid voters this election, we have provided a guide to the 12 remaining proposed changes to our constitution which will appear on ballots this November.

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